Best Bread Machine for Homesteading

Over the years I have had several bread machines, they were plain Jane machines that got the job done as best they could. This year while we were trying to figure out what to get me for Mother’s Day, my husband and I were talking about a new bread machine. After endless researching and review reading we decided to purchase the Breville BBM800XL model.

I have to say this think is the best bread machine I have ever had, my first loaf was a coconut milk white bread and it was absolutely perfect. The crust was perfect, the texture was perfect. I was amazed at how easy this machine is to operate.

It has several custom settings that allows you to make just about anything.

Custom loaf sizing from one pound to two and a half pounds; Bread typing such as basic white, whole wheat, gluten free, yeast free and more; Allows you to make pizza dough, pasta dough, even jam!!! You can even choice your crust setting to light, medium and dark crust. Want to add nuts and/or fruit to your bread or dough it even has a automatic dispenser for that!!

This shows the options available with this machine.

This shows the options available with this machine.

Top of the Bread Machine with the Fruit and Nut Dispenser Open.

Bread Machine

Getting ready to make some chocolate banana bread!!! Best thing is it does not take up a lot of counter space!!

You will NOT be disappointed with this Machine.  I Love it. Check out all the Reviews and 5 Star Ratings Here.