Barley Fodder for Chickens

Because we have not moved to our permanent homestead property as of yet, we wanted to be able to provide non-processed food for our chickens. We do supplement with commercial chicken feed, but in all honesty one 50 pound bag is lasting us over 4 months now.

Maybe our chickens are just spoiled, as they get barley fodder, blueberry, melon rinds and their daily trips in the chicken tractor.

Here is an easy way to make your own fodder growing system if you are on a budget. We went to our local tractor supply store when they put the portable greenhouses on clearance and bought this for less than $40.00, we ordered our seeds in bulk through Amazon and went to the Dollar Store and bought cake tins to grow the fodder.

We poked holes in one side of the cake tins, used some scrap lumber to elevate the tins on one side so the drain down to the next. We placed an old wrapping paper container on the bottom to collect all the water run off and use it to water various plants around the yard.

To begin you soak about three quarters of a cup of barley seed in a dish overnight. Drain the excess water and place in the tin, put it in the greenhouse until then next day when you rotate it down. Do these same steps for the next several days until you reach your barley max level. We do 8 days worth so everyday there is a new crop to give to the chickens.

Barley house 2

Close up of the fodder in its stages. The top left is day two (this is the day after soaking). Then we move them down, back up to the right side and then down again. By day 8 they are ready to go!!!

Barley house

Fodder System we use!!!

Supplies List:

Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27″ Long x 18″ Wide x 63″ High
Organic Barley Seeds – 9 Lbs in Pre-Measured Bags

If you want more detailed instructions on the system, Check out the reviews this book received: