Surviving the winter

Well, no one ever said that moving in the winter would be easy. Other than finding out that the realtor and former homeowner lied on the disclosure statement and that the inspector did not even catch the issues, I made it through pretty well. We put in a new sand point for the well, fixed some of the plumbing issues with the upstairs bathroom, and still waiting for the one heating unit to be fixed. Good thing people told me “this was a mild winter”, even though it was negative 17 degrees some days. Well, moving forward we have been cleaning out the front yard from years of fallen trees. I will be posting pictures soon. We live in an area where they have very strict burn bans at times so we will having the brush piles hauled off to another location. Mike and I have talked and we will be resuming our postings on the site within the next week, as I have stated before moving was more stressful than either of us thought. See you soon…….