So you never really know how much stuff you have until it is time to move. While we are not much on nik naks, whatnots or whatever you choose to call dust collectors, it is all the stuff in the closet and drawers that will fill up some boxes.
We made the drive in about 24 hours, I really had to stop and sleep for a couple of hours. The past two weeks have been busy unpacking boxes, having people come out to check out some of the appliances and learning to navigate in the snow.
I have also had to get use to the new timezone, the fact that it gets dark really early here, like 4:30 PM and getting the animals adjusted to the new environment. My rotties are snow and ice lickers.
What is great about this area is that people are so willing to help you out, finding someone to plow the driveway after it snows, finding electricians and plumbers and they still have a bartering system here even at the local feed store. I am just in awe of what a different life it is. My husband went back to Georgia to finish up the stuff with the house there and so far this “Southern Girl” has done okay with living in the “snowy tundra” lol. Mike will be bringing the camera that I forgot back with him next week, so I will be taking and posting a lot of pictures of our new lifestyle. I have found a couple of great things out.
1. Lemon Oil will get rid of Asian Beetle bugs.
2. Peppermint Oil will keep mice and spiders away.
3. If you have gas heat get a humidifier. I found a great one on Amazon. Works like a charm and once you go through the initial setup I only refill it once a day for a 2700 square foot house.
Hint: put a couple drops of lemon oil in your water and your house smells amazingly clean!!!