This Is Our New Homestead

Wisconsin House

This is the house we decided to buy. It is in Wisconsin and we love it!! It has 10 acres of land, is 2 blocks from the St. Croix River. Far enough out for us to be private, yet close enough to a large town for our shopping needs. While we were walking the property, my husband kicked up a Doe which got him really excited, and we love the fact that the house is heated with hot water and gas. I cannot wait to show you the rest of the pictures once we close!!!

Maine Farm House

This was one of the first homes we looked at in Maine. I fell in love with this house, but the property as good as it was did not fit our needs. First there is a huge electrical line that is on the property and second there is an Eagles Nest on the property that prevented any further development on the lot. The lot was small as well but with just the two of us it would have been okay.
I am attaching the link from Zillow, if anyone else may be in interested in it!!!


Maine Farm House 2 Maine Farm House

It’s been awhile….

I know it has been several months since we have posted. For this we apologize. We have been very busy traveling for our new homestead and we have found it!! We have traveled to Tennessee, Maine and Wisconsin. It has been a lot of traveling, eating wonderful food and enjoying nature as we hiked miles on different properties.
All of our efforts paid off we have found our perfect spot and soon I will begin posting the adventures of developing our new homestead, we are just waiting to close on the property which should happen in the next couple of weeks. So Stay Tuned for those updates!!
In the meantime we have begun work on our “Tiny House”. This weekend I will be posting pictures and progress as we build what will be my husband’s temporary housing during the process of selling our home in Georgia. Look for pictures as we document step by step our building of our Tiny House on Wheels.